Robotics Core Programs

Student development path:

There are four stages in a student's development path at Dr. X Workshop: Introduction, Discovery, Performance and Teaching Assistance.

For younger kids who are interested in robotics and technologies but have no prior experience nor knowledge, they will start from Introduction stage, get to know all the basics of what robot is all about and how it works.

Discovery stage is for kids from 8 to 14 years old, who love robotics and technologies, and be able to focus at least 45 minutes on programming and engineering activities. They will learn the fundamental engineering concept of robotics as well as programming logic in order to accomplish various tasks.

Performance stage is for more experienced students who are willing to advance their skills to a higher level, with a potential to participate various competitions available. Students at this stage will be able to join specific teams and work on more complex projects. This provides an excellent opportunity for them to improve their skills on communications, presentations, interaction with others, and more importantly, taking on responsibilities.

By helping younger students, Teaching Assistance provides an opportunity for those passionate and experienced students to apply their knowledge, improve their team and project management skills, further develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Scholarships will be awarded to them for their positive contribution to our workshop.

Students will be grouped into these stages based on their age, experience, knowledge, and level of commitment. Group assignment will be continuously adjusted based on their progress.

Workshop opening hours:

Saturday, Sunday1pm - 5pm Open to all
Saturday, Sunday9am - 12pmOpen for all
Monday - Friday4pm - 8pmOpen for registered classes only
Monday - Friday9am - 4pmBy appointment only

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